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Grim Dawn Best Builds 2019l

The sprawling grim dark fantasy ARPG Grim Dawn has seen quite a few changes both to existing masteries and loots drops in recent patches, but also with the addition of whole new masteries in the latest expansions.With those changes in mind, its time to update our guide to the best Grim Dawn builds. If you want to take a look, our previous version of the best build still has some solid tips if you want to try out a Warder character, although some of that info is now outdated.

Grim Dawn Best Builds 2019l

Hey there David,Thank you so much for all the hard work you did making these guides. After a couple of failed starts with grim dawn, I finally got through the game and all the xpacks on normal and I am now halfway through elite using your phys pierce dw guide. As a game GD fits me well, more complex than Diablo 3 but less complex than path, and with your great explanations I finally feel like I am starting to have a grasp of the underlying systems. It is unfortunate that the community is toxic, hopefully one day that can change.


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