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How To Install Metal Gear Solid 5 Mods

Almost all mods in Metal Gear Solid 5 are handled through a standalone mod client known as "SnakeBite," which can be installed via NexusMods. SnakeBite will automatically place any mod file opened with the client in the appropriate location within the user's MGS5 game data. This makes modding MGS5 an incredibly user-friendly experience and removes any need for players to start tinkering with, and potentially damaging, their game files. After opening any downloaded mod file in SnakeBite, players can start up MGSV directly through the SnakeBite client or from Steam - the player's mods will be implemented into the game either way.

How To Install Metal Gear Solid 5 Mods

Infinite Heaven installation:Preparation/insurance:------------------------------End/Abort any mission back to ACC before upgrading Infinite Heaven, upgrading a save that's mid-mission is likely to cause issues.(Default install path of steam is C:\Program Files\Steam)Back up your save files for safety:\userdata\\287700 and\userdata\\311340MGSV uses two save folders- 311340 is Ground Zeros steam id, but used by MGSV for save data even if GZ is not installed.- 287700 is TPP steam id, most of the files here seem to be just backup, except for TPP_GRAPHICS_CONFIGCopy both folders to a safe place.You may want to back up periodically as you play in case you come across save breaking issues with the mod.First-time prep:Snakebite should do this, but it's good to have your own backups.Back up TPPs original 00.dat and 01.dat in\steamapps\common\MGS_TPP\master\0\This does not apply if you've already modded it.Already modded:Either find and restore your original game 00/01.dat backup or revalidate the game through steam:Right click on the game in steam library, choose properties from bottom of menu, local files tab, verify integrity of game cache button.or paste this to File Explorer or your browser steam://validate/287700If it gets stuck at 0% for more than a few minutes steam is being stupid, validate one of the valve games first, hl2, portal etc then try validating mgsv again.It should say 1 or two files need to be redownloaded, so go to steam downloads and make sure that is happening.Install Snakebite:Get the latest SnakeBite Mod Manager from and run through its setup.Click on the Mods menu item on Snakebites main screen.Uninstall any earlier version of Infinite Heaven from the Installed Mods tab.Extract the Infinite Heaven zip files somewhere.Click Install .MGSV on the Installed Mods tab in SnakebiteBrowse to the Infinite Heaven.msgv from the Infinite Heaven zip file.This step should only take a minute or so if no other mods installed (longer with other mods installed, basically proportional to the size of 00.dat).See log.txt in the snakebite folder which is updated with the installs progress.If it takes an excessively long time refer to the sticky on the snakebite posts page for possible fixes.Troubleshooting: See Troubleshooting.txt.Note:------------------------------By design I try to keep the initial install to all regular game settings and only changed via infinite heavens in-game mod menu.All settings are reset to off on doing a FOB mission. But I suggest you play offline while the mod is installed. Snakebite mod manager allows easy toggling of mods.Using alongside other mods:------------------------------Infinite Heaven modifies a lot of the core game lua scripts, combining with mods that have their own versions of those files will break things in either obvious or subtle ways.Mods that shouldn't have a conflict with Infinite Heaven are: Model swaps, data table mods like development unlocks or times.Ask the mod author for a snakebite install package.You can also convert many mods to snakebite yourself either by trying the Install .ZIP option in the Installed Mods tab of SnakebiteOr by using makebite (comes with snakebite) to create a Snakebite package (.MGSV) =tYPi_kj3F8gIf you want to manually check to see if a mod conflicts unzip the Infinite Heaven .mgsv with the zip tool of your choice and check to see if any of the files match files in the other mod.Uninstallation:------------------------------Exit any missions, return to the ACC.The mod saves some varables to the save file, but on initial testing (I welcome feedback on this) there is no issue with loading a save from this mod after the mod has been removed (provided you have exited to ACC)Use uninstall in SnakeBite.Delete the MGS_TPP\mod folder

The Mod Manager can install and uninstall Mod Files (.MGSV file extension) to the game's data patch archives (0\00.dat and 0\01.dat). Additionally, the mod manager can save and load collections of mods as Mod Preset Files (.MGSVPreset file extension).

SnakeBite logs the user's currently installed mods in snakebite.xml, located in the game's base directory. The snakbite.xml file is updated whenever mods are managed through SnakeBite, to ensure the integrity of the modified game files.

By default, SnakeBite creates 'RevertChanges.MGSVPreset' before a mod installation/uninstallation, so you can easily undo an action if it caused a critical error. However, saving a large number of mods needs a bit of time and storage space, so you can choose to skip this option by unchecking the 'Save RevertChanges.MGSVPreset' checkbox in the Settings menu. RevertChanges.MGSVPreset is saved to your Game Directory.

That's why the standalone No Deployment Costs mod lets players have that feature without having to install bigger mods that tweak gameplay. With these mods, players can stick to doing what's fun in The Phantom Pain, whether it's kidnapping potential recruits or knocking child soldiers unconscious.

Keanu Reeves turns out to be the most popular face on the internet once he is introduced as a part of Cyberpunk 2077. He almost broke the internet in his new avatar Johnny Silverhand. What if I tell you can have two most popular character played by him in Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain? You can install a simple mod in-game and enjoy playing as John Wick or Johnny Sliverhand. The mod is pretty simple to install and thanks to the developers on Nexusmods that brings up some interesting updates for the game. In this Metal Gear Solid Mod guide, you will learn how to install Keanu Reeves Mod in Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain.


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